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Our basic principles

Quality is our utmost priority - it is the fundamental principle that drives our company. From the procurement of raw materials and the selection of suppliers to the meticulous control of production processes, we ensure unwavering commitment to delivering excellence.

The hallmark of our work lies in the professionalism of our team, their deep understanding of customer needs, and our steadfast dedication to fulfilling our responsibilities with utmost care and accountability.

Catch the Moment: Our Bait, Your Fishing Joy!


Expertise that spans across borders

With a history dating back to the early 2000s, we have been actively involved in the sport of carp fishing. Since 2008, we have taken pride in crafting our own specialized bait and lures. Throughout the years, our passion for the pursuit has driven us to delve into extensive scientific literature and research on carp's dietary preferences. This invaluable experience has allowed us to accumulate practical insights into the components that genuinely entice and captivate these remarkable fish.

We have conducted extensive research on the technological properties of numerous components used in carp nutrition. Through multiple competitions and numerous multi-day fishing sessions, we have fine-tuned the composition of our products to maximize their effectiveness.

Although this approach complicated the production process, we chose to create boilies with a composition that we consider effective, rather than focusing solely on ease of rolling. It required a great deal of effort to achieve the necessary physical and mechanical properties of the products while maintaining their optimal chemical composition. Additionally, we didn't adopt the practice of using a single mix and only changing the flavorings and dyes from one type of boilie to another. All our recipes are distinct from one another and completely unique.

Our specialists are always available to answer any questions you may have regarding the application of any of our products and offer advice on how to build a successful feeding and baiting program using them.

We welcome all feedback, comments, and suggestions for improving our products.

We will be delighted if our products help you catch and release your dream fish!

We use this ourselves - join us!